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Are you a high school or college student swamped with academic writing assignments? Well, might be the solution for you. It’s an innovative platform where writers and students collaborate directly. But before you jump in, let’s dissect what this service offers.

The Origin Story of the Service Under Review

Operated by the somewhat mysterious ONE Freelance Limited, the site is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. While they present themselves as UK-based, their correspondence roots lie in Ukraine. And that’s not the only duality they offer; their mirror image, Bid4Papers, seems to be a twin separated at birth. Despite their efforts to dress them up differently, dig deeper, and you’ll find their DNA matches perfectly. Although they’ve been flagged for these multiple identities in the past, the two sites do deliver. But let’s dive deeper.

EssayShark writing service

Navigating the Maze

EssayShark’s ordering process is akin to an online scavenger hunt. Unlike traditional writing services that offer fixed prices, the ball is in your court here. Though they lack a straightforward pricing mechanism, they compensate by letting you converse with your writer directly. Here’s the roadmap:

1. Draft your request – Mention everything from the topic paper type to instructions.

2. Play matchmaker – Peruse the list of potential writers and select one based on their expertise and cost.

3. Secure the funds – Add money to your account, letting the writer know you’re serious.

4. Stay in the loop – Enjoy an uninterrupted dialogue with your writer and watch your paper come to life.

Yet, the cherry on top? They occasionally sprinkle discounts for their clientele, though you might need to haggle with your writer for those.

EssayShark writing service prices

Quality or Quackery? EssayShark’s talent pool is a mixed bag. While some hail from native English-speaking territories, others steer clear from such regions. Our investigation hints at a predominant Kenyan and Filipino writer base. It doesn’t discredit their capabilities, but if it’s a native touch you’re after, tread cautiously.

Help! Where’s the Lifeguard? In the vast digital ocean, having a lifeguard, or in this case, a solid customer support system, is essential. EssayShark, unfortunately, doesn’t fit the bill. They lack the now-standard live chat feature, and their ticketing system feels like sending a message in a bottle – you’re never quite sure when you’ll get a response.

EssayShark Safety Nets

The Safety Nets

  • Revisions – Their policy on revisions is as clear as mud. While they do offer multiple revisions, the specifics are shrouded in mystery.
  • Refunds – Their 2023 update paints a clearer picture. Depending on your scenario, you could get anything from a full refund to a partial one.

Public Perception

Feedback on EssayShark seems like a seesaw. While they’ve had their lows, recent times showcase a promising upward trajectory. They currently boast a commendable 4.46-star rating on SiteJabber. Users highlight their efficient ordering system and the luxury of real-time tracking orders. However, the occasional steep pricing does dampen the mood for some.

From the writer’s end, the reviews echo positivity. Their GlassDoor accolades underline a workplace that values and compensates talent fairly.

In a Nutshell: EssayShark is a double-edged sword. Their unique approach grants students more control over their projects, and their commitment to improvement is evident. However, there are still some murky waters they need to clear. They’re a decent pick for uncomplicated tasks, but it might be wise to have a backup plan if you’re venturing into the deep end with complex assignments.


  • Freedom in choice – Pick a writer that fits your budget and requirements.
  • Active improvements – They’re listening to feedback and striving for better.
  • Transparent policies – Their recent refund policy revamp adds clarity.


  • Vague revision rules – Users are left guessing.
  • Customer support gaps – Lack of live chat and immediate support can be a hurdle.

Final Verdict: EssayShark offers a fresh perspective in academic writing. Their direct writer-student collaboration is a breath of fresh air. Though they’ve faced past criticisms, they’re on an upward spiral. We’re keeping our fingers crossed, hoping they’ll soon become the beacon of essay writing services. They’re a decent bet for now, but as with all bets, play wisely.

Final say provides a refreshing take on academic assistance by introducing a marketplace model, allowing students to select writers best suited to their needs and financial capacity. The ability to track the progress of one’s assignment in real-time adds to its allure, providing a semblance of transparency.

While feedback from users suggests that they’re on a path of self-improvement, it’s clear that there are still a few kinks to be ironed out. Their uniqueness in allowing direct negotiation between clients and writers for the price is a double-edged sword—on the one hand, it can lead to competitive pricing, but on the other, there’s a potential for price inflation based on demand and the writer’s self-evaluation.

Furthermore, EssayShark’s credibility is marred by its dubious association with similar sites. While appreciated, their transparency in this realm brings forward questions about their overall operations and intentions.

The absence of instant support, like live chat, is a glaring shortcoming in today’s digital age, where immediate response is often expected, if optional. However, their recent strides in efficiently addressing customer feedback and complaints should be noticed.

Considering everything, seems to be in a transition phase, evolving and adapting based on user feedback and market demands. The platform offers potential benefits for those seeking academic assistance, but users must approach it discerningly. It might be the perfect fit for those looking for flexibility and hands-on involvement in the writing process, but it might be a gamble for those seeking more straightforward, traditional service. Remember, as with any service, research and cross-referencing reviews are essential.

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